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That night they encamped at the river of Azores, and the next morning, which was Sunday, crossed the borders. Their first pause was at an atalaya second city tv solitary tower, built upon a rock; a frontier post to keep a watch upon the border, and give notice of invasion. It was thence called el Torre del Exea the Tower of the Spy. The grand master halted before it and summoned its petty garrison to surrender. He was answered by a shower of stones and arrows, which wounded him in the hand and killed three of his men. How is this, father. said he to the hermit, you assured me that free adult sex letters one of my followers would be slain. True, my son; free adult sex letters I meant in the great battle of the infidel king; what need is there of miracle to aid in the capture of a petty tower. The grand master was satisfied. He ordered wood to be piled against the door of the tower to burn it down.
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